Treasure Hunt

Destination Naples


Treasure Hunter is a digital Treasure Hunt, a tool of territorial edutainment and marketing as powerful as easy to use, able to adapt to the most varied needs of the end user, using two modes: Treasure Hunt or Quiz. You can also play offline using one map with clues displayed on the pc monitor.

Features :

• Great flexibility
• High degree of customization
• A team of support experts to make it immediately usable and translate the game into play “Theme” of the User


• Clues
• Location
• Scan
• Ranking
• Help

Suitable for:

• Recreational activities
• Teambuilding
• Tourism & Culture
• School Projects
• Commercial Projects


Ready to run? It is the most frenetic and addictive mode of this game. It is a real and “classic” treasure hunt where participants go in search of the clues, around the city, solving the puzzles, to get to the Treasure before the others. This mode allows you to compete against each other or in teams.


The QUIZ mode is developed by asking the question about the application and the possible answers on a sheet. Once the question has been read, the player must scan the QR-CODE relating to the answer he deems correct.