Destination Naples


Walking in the bowels of the city of Naples, crossroad between art and culture, where different styles and ages mix without any pattern or temporal continuity, you can easily find yourself walking outside Scaturchio, a real Mecca of pastry.
Scaturchio, a continuum between tradition and innovation, is still located, from well over one hundred years, in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, and it is still recognized as the flagship of all Neapolitan pastry shops. For many Scaturchio is a daily appointment that starts with the coffee break, goes through cocktail time and ending with the sweet and savory appetizers.
In the years that followed its establishment, Scaturchio quickly grew as being the top name in regional pastry and bakery field, always keeping high traditional values but without leaving out the latest innovation in the field.
Today more than 50 employees and a large number of external consultants work for Scaturchio.

This work team cooperates side by side to ensure the final user, consistency and the highest standards possible.