Destination Naples


MAVV- Wine Art Museum ( is hosted by the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II. The multimedia and interactive exhibition about the culture of wine is hosted by the Department of Agriculture of the University of Naples Federico II and by the MUSA Center (Museums of Agricultural Sciences) in the prestigious Royal Palace of Portici along the route of the famous Golden Mile (“Miglio d’Oro”)
The museum intends to raise awareness of the world of wine as a cultural, historical, artistic and scientific heritage and to promote the wine sector as a resource of “made in Italy” and to present our excellence in the world with a narration based on artistic and emotional audio visuals.
The exhibition as well as the cultural and educational activities of the MAVV are based on the close relationship with art and culture. Through events, in the name of the taste for beauty and conviviality, we tell the world about the “Nectar of the Gods” through innovative multimedia exhibits, educational workshops and sensorial itineraries.

In collaboration with AIS – Italian Sommelier Association, we offer an educational-scientific museum itinerary to introduce the world of Wine through exclusive Wine Tasting Experience meetings with professional tastings and a mini-course aimed at acquiring basic cultural skills, as well as knowledge of tasting techniques. and service with the issue of a certificate of participation from the MAVV Academy.

MAVV, which adheres to the APM – Small Museums Association and to the National Association for Food and Wine Tourism, has received the qualified patronage of the Italian Wines Union, the Wine Tourism Movement and the Le Donne del Vino Association(Women for Wine) and has created an important partnership with the Bank of Wine by Slow Wine. Recently it has promoted the “Network of Museums of the Territory” to activate a synergy between many small realities and collaborate in the development of cultural and experiential tourism.

With the festival format  “Wine Art Fest” and the “In Vino Veritas” Prize, MAVV produces events and symposia of great cultural quality to promote the food and wine excellences of the area. Some renowned Italian artists, like Giancarlo Giannini, Peppe Servillo, Tony Esposito, James Senese and Marco Zurzolo participated in our events, in the highly prestigious setting of the Royal Palace of Portici, with exclusive events in the Royal Gallop, in the MAVV Court and in the Pallacorda area. In these evocative places, we promoted conferences, cultural meetings, seminars and events. Our reality supports young artistic talents who want to express their creativity with the “Wine Art Contest” award which involves a jury of well-known personalities and names from Italian entertainment and culture.

MAVV, moreover, has focused since its inception on scientific, educational and educational tourism, launching the campaign for “Conscious Drinking” ( involving the world of School and Training with the “School & Lab” Laboratories . The social campaign for healthy, responsible and conscious drinking is carried out in collaboration with the Unesco Chair for Health Education and Sustainable Development of Federico II, led by Prof. Annamaria Colao, and was presented to the Ministry of Health and to the Ministry of Education, University and Scientific Research, attracting great interest.