Complesso Sant'Anna dei Lombardi

Destination Naples


The Monumental Complex of Sant’Anna dei Lombardi, also known as Santa Maria di Monteoliveto, contains works of priceless historical-artistic value and is considered a real temple of Neapolitan and Tuscan sixteenth-century painting and sculpture. The most famous setting is the old Sacristy, considered a small Sistine chapel in the heart of Naples, for the vault frescoed by the allegories of virtues and constellations, created by the well-known painter from Arezzo Giorgio Vasari in 1545.
Another masterpiece that strikes for suggestion and realism is certainly the “Lamentation over the dead Christ”, a group of life-size terracotta statues made in 1492 by the Modenese sculptor Guido Mazzoni.
The monumental complex of Sant’Anna dei Lombardi is a treasure chest of refined elegance which, during the 16th century, became the spiritual center of the Neapolitan nobility and was enriched with numerous works of sculpture, painting, altars and sepulchres. Even today, the elegant works created by well-known artists such as Antonio Rossellino, Benedetto da Maiano and Andrea Della Robbia testify the rich Renaissance artistic production of this refined complex.

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