Giancarlo De Luca - Italian Image Philosophy

Destination Naples

GIANCARLO DE LUCA – Italian Image Philosophy

I am 49 years old and my passion for photography has no boundaries.
I live constantly interpreting the world through my images because only by photographing I can savor the world …

The most important gift that my father gave me when I was a child was an old 1960s Kodak Retinette with which he began to give me the first rudiments of what would then be my greatest passion, Photography from that moment my gaze is was that of my goal.

The advent of digital after a long and youthful analog experience did not frighten me at all, instead opening up an exciting world in constant innovation, thus allowing me to be not only author but also artist and painter of my own images … Particularly oriented towards nature photography, landscape and macro photography, my great and immoderate passion for Naples has led me in the last decade to orient myself to the Social Street Photo in an attempt to freeze moments, every little glimpse, even the most insignificant, and increasingly convinced that beauty of my city, Naples, of its people, be something magical, unique but, above all, unchanged and timeless over time …

I firmly believe that the responsibility of a Photographer today must be to freeze the present, search for the past in the present and preserve it in order to donate it to future generations.