Destination Naples


The “artists” pizzeria

Founded in 1923 by the Leone family, the pizzeria takes its name from the theater in the historic center of Naples which years ago was the place where the best Neapolitan and Italian artists performed. In this pizzeria people like Totò, Macario and Nino Taranto were attracted by the aroma that reached the theater, to taste the famous pizza called “wheel of the cart” due to its enormous size.

The management has never changed for a hundred years, the heirs of Ciro and Giorgina Leone are the witnesses of a long tradition of pizza makers since 1923, and the only masters of the dough techniques that have been handed down for three generations. Even the pizza chefs, in fact, who work the dough prepared daily by the owners, do not know how to prepare it. The true Neapolitan pizza is a genuine and healthy food, produced with the best flours and naturally leavened. It is no coincidence that it is considered the artists’ pizzeria.


Three floors entirely dedicated to pizza

The headquarters of the Pizzeria Trianon da Ciro in Naples is divided into three levels and can accommodate up to 400 people, thus becoming a unique and characteristic location for events and groups visiting Naples. It is also possible to organize pizza lessons, followed by a tasting. In addition to the two upper ones, each equipped with an independent wood-burning oven, the ground floor still houses the historic room where you can comfortably eat pizza margherita or one of the other variations on the original 70-year-old marble tables. The pizzeria therefore has three tiled ovens and each with the image of Saint Anthony, patron saint of pizza makers, affixed to the mouth of the oven. The aforementioned ovens are operated according to the needs of the premises and the requests of the customers.

 On the menu of the activity stand out the historic traditional pizzas: from the classic pizza margherita to sausage and broccoli up to the stuffing in the oven. DOP-branded ingredients for inimitable pizzas: from Piennolo del Vesuvius cherry tomatoes to extra virgin olive oil from cultivars harvested and processed in Italy by a Vesuvian oil mill. Fior di Latte, the elective base of Margherita di Trianon, comes from Vico Equense (Naples), in the Lattari Mountains, and is a slow-maturing product, made with certified Italian milk, while buffalo mozzarella is from Caserta and DOP. Only in this way, giving value to the territory, the Trianon pizza is constantly good and recognizable.

Do not miss the Gran Trianon pizza, with eight different flavors depending on the imagination of the pizza maker and the availability of fresh ingredients of the day.