Destination Naples


The first restaurant in the world of Ancient Rome

The Caupona was a tavern, a place where the ancient Pompeiians usually had their prandium (lunch).

From 2016 we gave birth to this fantastic and exciting project, recognized with a patent by the Superintendence and defined the first faithfully reproduced “Caupona”.

Customers are welcomed in a magical setting, among hand-decorated frescoes, soft lights in warm tones, beautiful wood tables, faithfully reproduced chairs and terracotta dishes. Here you can drink wine in small amphorae, goblets and cups; you can taste typical dishes of the ancient Rome, masterly prepared after a careful and accurate research.

At Caupona you can enjoy a truly “Pompeiian experience”, dressed (if you wish) as a Senator or Matron of the time, diving into the distant past, only a few meters from ancient Pompeii.
Our cuisine is mainly based on antiquity and the continuous search for distant flavours, with ingredients which are often not used in ours traditional cuisine.

The restaurant also proposes a local cuisine, wisely proposing  Mediterranean nuances and traditional dishes of the region.