Destination Naples


A small shop of 20 square meters, a graceful elite lounge where you can find authentic treasures of refinement and taste, looks out for the first time on the most fascinating promenade in Italy, a place for strolling in the Neapolitan high society of the time.

Eugenio Marinella, who had strongly wanted that little corner of England in the heart of Naples, could not have known it but had just written the beginning of one of the most glorious stories of the great Neapolitan tailoring.

The Marinella philosophy, handed down from father to son, has spanned more than 100 years of history following and adapting to changes in fashion while always maintaining original exclusivity and elegance.

Ties have always been made, strictly by hand, in the Neapolitan laboratory located on the Riviera di Chiaia, a few steps from the shop. The seamstresses make 150 ties every day following specific processing steps.

The precious silks, since the foundation, are hand-printed in England exclusively for E. Marinella.

Today the company, headed by Maurizio Marinella and his son Alessandro, boasts direct sales points in Rome, Milan, Tokyo and corner shops at some of the most important department stores in the world: Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Santa Eulalia in Barcelona, ​​the Bon Marché Rive Gauche in Paris.

In Naples the small shop still remains exactly as it was at the time: the antique furniture, the wardrobe that becomes a dressing room, the bathroom hidden behind an exhibitor, the round windows, all built and fitted in a congenial way to make those 20sqm a museum where to live an exclusive shopping experience. Open every morning at 6:30, it welcomes necktie enthusiasts and tourists who come from all over the world. Puff pastry and hot coffee cheer the inevitable expectations especially during Christmas.

The English silks, the passion for style, the scrupulous attention to the quality of the raw materials, the skill of the expert hands of the Neapolitan seamstresses, the availability and the human warmth transmitted, represent, at that time as well as today, the secret of the Neapolitan brand that has made his ties a symbol of elegance in the world.



In the Marinella headquarters it is possible to offer groups and individual visitors a full immersion in the atmosphere of the beginning of the century and in the great artisan tradition that has made Marinella a famous brand all over the world.

TOUR: a fascinating journey through the rooms of the splendid Palazzo Satriano, the headquarters of the company and laboratory. Duration: 1 hour

EVENTS: the elegant Salone degli Affreschi, located on the second floor of the Palazzo Satriano in Ravaschieri, has hosted events, exhibitions, fashion shows, meetings, lunches and exclusive meetings since 2016, up to 70 people.

ROUTES: the elegant liberty district of Chiaia is the ideal place to introduce us to the history and classic atmospheres of the Marinella style: aristocratic palaces, glamour, art and the wonderful Villa Pignatelli with the museum, the garden and the museum of carriages. Duration: starting from 2 hours.