Destination Naples


The Made in Cloister Foundation was created in 2012 with the restoration of the sixteenth-century cloister of the Church of Santa Caterina in Formiello. The history of the place and its location defined the conversion project: recover a part of the cultural heritage of the city of Naples to allocate it to the revival of artisan traditions, renewing them with a contemporary spirit through the creation of projects with international artists and designers.

The Made in Cloister project is divided into three pillars:

• Recovery and conversion of the artistic heritage for a development consistent with the vocation of the territory

• Relaunch of “craftsmanship” through the interaction between master craftsmen and international artists and designers

• Urban regeneration and social impact of a cultural project.

On the occasion of his “Bread and Gold” exhibition, the artist Mimmo Paladino proposed a reflection on a dimension that has always accompanied and distinguished man: the gift, communion, hospitality.

In the halls of Made in Cloister, a long table engraved with the artist’s symbols is visible: archaic features, olive branches, faces, crosses, and horse heads. All around, twelve gold bowls and twelve loaves, like the number of apostles. The table as a symbol of hospitality and meeting and which, starting from September 2018, is at the service of the social canteen that the Foundation, together with the chef Massimo Bottura, addresses to the less well-off. The canteen collaborates weekly with great chefs serving the community.

The Made in Cloister Foundation regularly organizes exhibitions of contemporary art; it is open for exhibitions, conferences, special events and thematic tours.