Galleria Umberto Di Marino

Destination Naples


Umberto Di Marino began his career as a gallery owner in 1995 in Giugliano (Naples), focusing on the development of themes related to the coexistence and/or the conflictual nature of artistic language with respect to the social context.
The following exhibitions marked an important phase in the history of the art gallery: Napoli Borderline by Vettor Pisani (2001), Architetture del colore by Hidetoshi Nagasawa (2002), Pas au de là di Satoshi Hirose
(2004) In 2005 the inauguration of a new gallery in the centre of Naples with the exhibition of the artistic duo Vedovamazzei offered the opportunity to launch new initiatives with Italian and international artists such as Eugenio Espinoza, Jota Castro, Sergio Vega, Francesco Jodice, Alberto Di Fabio, Santiago Cucullu and younger artists like Luca Francesconi, Eugenio Tibaldi, Francesca Grilli, Marco Raparelli, Pedro Neves Marques, André Romão, Ana Manso, who have turned their attention entirely to political, social and anthropological themes, as has been done even more extensively by the Provenances collectives in 2009 with Erick Beltrán, Simon Fujiwara, Jordi Mitjà; The horizon line is here in 2010 with Elena Bajo, Ulla von Brandenburg, Runo Lagomarsino, Pedro Neves Marques, André Romão.
In 2015 conceived the ten more ten project, a series of exhibitions programmed throughout the year and designed to mark the tenth anniversary of the gallery in Naples and the twentieth anniversary of the first gallery founded in Giugliano.
The series of events held throughout Naples involved the collaboration of several public institutions, as well as collectors who have followed the developments of the Galleria Umberto Di Marino closely over the years. The gallery’s artists or artists linked to it through longstanding relationships marked by lively intellectual exchange, were invited to conceive exhibitions for the gallery in via Alabardieri, as well as in installations, screenings, talks and site-specific projects for important sites in the urban landscape and the local cultural scene. The themes that have always been at the heart of the gallery’s philosophy, such as social investigation using the landscape, an anthropological approach, travel and the geopolitical transpositions of cultural phenomena, postcolonialism and the failure of modernism, were reinterpreted in a constant reworking of artistic contents and processes, culminated in the opening of a full-blown cabinet. Photos, archive documents, works, sketches, texts and letters provided tangible evidence of the interplay of human and professional relations that lie behind the two galleries and support a concept of the gallery as a shared workshop of ideas and an open space for experimentation.
In 2019 the program of Galleria Umberto Di Marino has been temporarily interrupted in order to build the
project “Visto da qui”, that was an early opportunity to reflect on the gallery’s structure and on the exhibitions making, with the aim of reducing the clear overproduction of contents and focusing the attention exclusively on the works.

Via Alabardieri 1 – 80121 Napoli – Italy – T.+39 081 0609318