Bottega d'Arte La Scarabattola

Destination Naples


Between tradition and modernity, the art workshop “La Scarabattola” was created in Naples, in the second half of the nineties from the work and ideas of the brothers Salvatore, Emanuele and Raffaele Scuotto and their collaborators.
Artisans, artists, cultural promoters, the group of the Scuotto brothers moves between the folkloristic aspects of the Neapolitan culture and the need to unhinge the common places, updating the art of the crib, finding inspiration between the squares and alleys where their workshop is located ; or reflecting on the nature of things, on the emotional value and narrative function of objects; looking again at art as a possibility of communication and resistance to certain forms of cultural conformism.
Their work is known in Italy and abroad also thanks to the setting up of prestigious exhibitions..